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Myra Galleries Presents 'Communist Dictator Visiting Miami'
Opening Reception, Friday November 4, 2011

Myra Galleries is a venue for young artists presenting their work at a vibrant, contemporary space in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. Its mission is to present its audiences with a diverse offering of established and emerging artists throughout the year in one of the most cosmopolitan, highly developed cultural capitals of the world. Myra Galleries is a unique program presenting an international range of artists from Korea, Turkey, Japan, Latin America and the United States. Myra Galleries' management is formally based in New York, with a distinctive connection to the growing commercial art market in Istanbul.

Myra Galleries is delighted to present 'Communist Dictator Visiting Miami,' a new series of works from Miami-based graphic artist and designer Pete Kirill. Drawing on themes of Suprematist sensory principles and creations tweaked for mass-published visual propaganda, Kirill presents the eccentric, self-conscious North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in an attempt to lighten subliminal suggestions of fear and awe resident in political artwork  into primarily in laughing or grinning visages, those which are the antithesis of the surface character of political autocrats.

The subject of 'dictator worship' has been probed by practicing artists and craftsmen as early as ancient Persia and the North Americas: kings, pharaohs and emperors have been displayed as gods on Earth, the embodiment of those intangible traits which the 'masses' seem to lack against their leaders. One man, alone, cannot rule by force of arms or will, but those who accept the visual potency of his charisma, his intelligence and his foresight will inevitably spin tall tales surrounding their physical and perhaps, metaphysical capabilities. Miami-based artist and designer Pete Kirill is such an artist who offers this sly hint of dissention in his cartoonish, almost kitschy portraits of Kim Jong-il.  Continuing an enduring tradition of visual art acting as a subtle catalyst for social critique pit against a recognized figure from a pointedly anti-aesthetic socio-political realm, Kirill turns politics into comedy and back into tragedy.

Kirill was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1974 but spent his formative years in Darien, Connecticut. He went on to receive his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with a concentration in Fine Art and Design. Kirill spent several years in collaboration with Sin Palabras, a music group based in Havana drawing on club-inspired techno and timba (Cuban salsa). With a saturated awareness of Communist state propaganda and its more widespread impact on the citizens of the country, Kirill began experimenting with visual representations of similar 'closed' societies. In the last two years, Kirill has worked towards initiating a creative dialogue between hypocrisy, spectacle and threat all resident within the North Korean mystery.


Myra Galleries debuts a special exhibition highlighting works by Korean artist
Lee Ik-Ryeol

OCTOBER 5, 2011 OCTOBER 29, 2011

MIAMI, FL August 21, 2011 Myra Galleries has been dedicated to presenting the work of top international pop artists since emerging in the Wynwood arts district in February 2011. Now it continues to do so with a curated exhibition of 20 acrylic on canvas pieces by Korean visionary Lee Ik-Ryeol, each pertaining to the wild and heart-stopping world of professional car racing. Ik-Ryeol, a car racer himself, will be attending a special opening event on October 5 to help kick off this exciting showcase.
I wanted to express the symbolism and beauty in sports driving, says Ik-Ryeol of his gracefully configured artwork. Detailing the minute aspects of racecars and the people intimately acquainted with them including three pieces depicting Emerson Fittipaldi, a personal favorite of the artist Ik-Ryeol reveals the racecar as a unique personal space directly tied to the visions and dreams of those who admire and work with them. This series of paintings focuses on F1, Indy 500 and NASCAR racing and marks Ik-Ryeol's first exhibition in Miami.
Myra Galleries is proud to host this dynamic collection, which will be displayed throughout the month of October. Hailing from New York City, where Arden Portakal ran the New Era Fine Arts Gallery for nearly 25 years, they seek to expose young international artists both up-and-comers and those already with a wide following to Miami's diversifying arts community. Car Racing in Art will expand on past shows that have highlighted artists like Burhan Dogancay, Dinorah Delfin and Haruna Sato, making it the perfect U.S. launching point for Lee Ik-Ryeol's compelling and magnetic artwork.

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