Buying or collecting art is in different track;

People used to buy artwork when they liked it, for decoration or for covering their walls or matching their living rooms.
Today this has mostly changed, other then just liking it, they also want artwork for investments.
We as  MYRA GALLERIES,  understand this very well. When we represent artists, we know what you are looking for and our artists already have declared market values, in auction houses or in galleries. We always update our artist's conditions, their market demands and market values every month.
You will receive updated newsletters every month and you will see how your art investment portfolio is doing.
All artworks we are offering, come with a certificate from the artists as well as from MYRA GALLERIES, so please keep them in a safe place.
Always maintain art works well, away from direct sunlight, at least then , you don't need to clean artworks for 10 years. Don't leave them in humid areas, be careful of mold.
We also can arrange maintaining your artworks free of charge for the next 5 years after you purchase from us. Just register on our maintenance section, that's it.


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